"Stephanie helped me so so much and I am so thankful! I could not have done it without her. She held me while I was in pain and I squeezed her tight. That helped a lot and I thank her." - Claudine L.

"My family and I first noticed Stephanie's kind smile and welcoming presence, but we also liked the way she treated us. Stephanie really helped me and my family by taking us to our all of our doctor appointments. I am so grateful!" - Florence M.



"My family and I are so thankful for Stephanie. I didn't know that having a doula would be so helpful. She was always checking on me before I went to labor. The day I went into labor I woke her up very early and she got to the hospital where I wanted her to meet me very soon. Because I was not dilated enough she was motivating me to do things to help dilate, she was exercising with me. Then when I was having contractions she was very important to me at the moment, she was teaching my husband how he could help me when the pressure waves would come. When I was having back pain she was massaging my back constantly for a long time. When I was giving birth she was holding my leg while my husband was holding the other one; and she was giving me word of support all the time. Now I have a special spot in my heart for Stephanie. Thank you for everything." - Yasmin A.

“Stephanie was fantastic! Her help and presence makes a huge difference. 
I have never met someone so compassionate about a job like she does.
She was so nice and very professional, supportive, compassionate, calm, helpful, confident and skilled doula. As a forth time Mom who has suffered from all previous pregnancies, I am glad that this time has been my easiest one.You have my deepest gratitude Stephanie!” - Abeer A.

“Stephanie's passion for what she does is evident in her nurturing approach. Caring is not just a part of her profession, it's who she is. She is very attentive to your needs. Stephanie's lively, upbeat personality brightens up any room. It was a joy to have her assist with my postpartum care, especially as a new Mom! I highly recommend Lake City Doula Services to anyone!" - Taylor C.

"It was very comforting to have Stephanie assisting my wife and I with our postpartum needs. She taught us some newborn, baby care methods, that have helped me feel more confident as a first time Father" - Josh C.

“I was nervous about having a natural birth when I found out I was pregnant, but knew it was 100% what I wanted and that a doula could help. I was very happy when I met with Stephanie. She made me feel comfortable and kept in contact with me through each stage of pregnancy. She helped me recognize my bodies signals and how to deal with certain pregnancy related pains. When it came down to delivery she got to the hospital quickly and was able to support me through each contraction while my partner got a little rest. She helped me to have my ideal birth that otherwise would not have been possible. I feel like she went above and beyond.” - Lacy M.

“I wanted to have an all natural birth and I honestly don't think I would have been able to do it with out Stephanie. As soon as I called her she came to the hospital right away and was right there the whole time helping me through every contraction. She used multiple different comfort measures, reminded me how to breath, kept on encouraging me and even showed my husband how to help me too. Even the nurses commented on how awesome she was.”

- Kayla S.

"Stephanie was amazing. She was always available to answer my questions and to offer her support. You could feel that she is very passionate about her job which makes it easy to pick her as my Doula. I would highly recommend Stephanie to everyone looking for a wonderful support person during birth." - Marie T.

We decided to get a doula based on suggestions from friends that had recently given birth. I was planning on coaching my wife through the whole thing, but we thought it couldn’t hurt to have a backup. Someone who could spell me if I needed a break. Someone who had done this before! We were very prepared. We took classes. We did our exercises. We practiced everything, many many times. Things rarely go as planned, and they sure went in a different direction than expected. One of our mantras was, “I will greet any change in our birthing plan with calm.” Calm can only take you so far, but a good doula can take you the rest of the way. We were truly fortunate to have Stephanie Jameson there with us.

It is hard to put into words just how invaluable her contribution was. Her experience, knowledge and all-around positivity guided us and kept us optimistic. We had a very long labor and it was very hard to watch my wife in such discomfort. Stephanie was there, gently encouraging Barbara, helping with different positions and giving me much needed breaks. Frankly, emotional support is not something hospitals provide. She helped us through every moment, massaging, communicating, comforting. Her stamina was impressive. I really don’t know how we would have done it without her.

I highly recommend Stephanie for your birthing experience. She is a truly amazing doula, a wonderful human being, and I now consider her a friend." - Geoffrey U.

Birth stories & words of love from my birth and postpartum clients!